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Michael J Williams

Michael J. Williams

Podcast Personality/ Comic Writer/ Editor/ Screen Writer/Reader/ Voice Actor

Comics and Pop-Tarts started after I did a "fill-in" interview for Anthony Moore, Owner of Limitless Comics, during our Kickstarter campaign for the new character solo book Thirst, The New Queen of the Dead. I remember it being basic questions. The conversation didn't evolve into that enigmatic energy that creators share when collaborating. Imagine if two or more people start with one concept at different starting points and then snowball into one big mesh of the best parts. I just wasn't happy with the episode.

I had just edited Thirst about to get ready for work when it just hit me... HOW HARD CAN IT BE TO START A PODCAST? What the hell was I thinking in asking such a loaded question? Its been a job to assemble all these intricate parts to the Podcast, but with all the experience and skills I accumulated at Full Sail in game design & in creative writing for entertainment, there was no way I could possibly fail, so I strapped up my boots, turned off my X-box One, and set up my Anchor Fm account, and hit record. 

Doing a few update videos for the Podcast was fun. Still, the campaign was over, and Limitless Comics slowed down in gearing up for the next project, so I had another epiphany in realizing updates were about to get redundant. If I wanted to grow Comics & Pop-tarts, I had to give people a reason to listen. That being said, I remembered how a school colleague and I used to structure the old Wrestling What If show. Being a comic enthusiast, I took to the "inter-web" (as my Dad calls it, SMH) and studied listening to Comics Experience and Fatman & Beyond to get an idea of the content, tone, and structure. 

Since then, I've had guest appearances such as Travis Webb (Starlite), Jackie White (Desperation & Vengeance Served Cold), Daniel Buck (Detrimony), and Nandor Fox Shaffer (Seasons Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 & Manchild), to name a few.

Since then, I've had guest appearances such as Travis Webb (Starlite), Jackie White (Desperation & Vengeance Served Cold), Daniel Buck (Detrimony), and Nandor Fox Shaffer (Seasons Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 & Manchild), to name a few.

My goal, in the beginning, was to give Limitless Comics a place to speak out to the world about its comics and stories to have a voice in the world of independent comics. Limitless Comics has a few mottoes for the simple creator, but this one sticks the most, and it's what led to this next goal, "Stay Limitless," which is how I usually close the show. The reason I say that is because being limitless and staying limitless are two definitive things. I want Comics & Pop-Tarts to "Stay Limitless," so I decided to take the show one step further.

Welcome to the Comics & Pop-tarts Podcast website "About" section. Below you'll see my show's mission statement and what I've dedicated to modeling the Comics & Pop-Tarts brand. Don't forget to leave us a voice mail or sign-up to receive a free comic. 


After I parted ways with Limitless Comics in the fall of 2021 (on good terms) I realized the show would need to be something more than Limitless, something more than me, but ME... hence... "Inevitable," my new moniker because I didn't ask for comics it asked for me. Because of that, I decided what better to be than inevitable synonymous with fate, destiny, and the end. Since then the channel has incurred a new identity, a new face, and a better moniker with more guests, MORE frequently, MORE OFTEN!


Art by Chris Michael Lee

And, If you're curious about the name, well... one of these days, I'll have Jerry Jones (IMAGE Comics, Paradigm, Blank Walls #1, Driver 8, Mrs. Vengance) and Anthony Moore (Realmz, Muffin Man, Solo 88, Thirst, The Youngins, Gotcha) to explain that on a triple threat episode. 


Since then Inevitable Mike has been busting down the doors in the Indie Comic circuit working with artists, writers, graphic designers, and more to reach their own goals all the while working on comic projects of his own like his hot new mini-series WILD ONI! He's isn't here to take your money Inevitable is here to be a force that breaks down gate guardians and holds the door of opportunity for future worthy creators. 


Thanks for reading the inception of the Comics & Pop-tarts Podcast!


Comics and Poptart's Podcast LLC is an official NSC ROADSHOW NETWORK Podcast channel home for news and project updates. Inevitable Mike gives the members of the Pop-TartN@tion (You the fans) personalized updates on its books, collaborations, creators, and comic pop culture including all live campaigns to keep fans informed of what's happening in the world of Indie Comics. This is THE home for guest creators active in the industry, from film to comics and beyond to have their moment. Inevitable Mike gets humble with creators one-on-one to spotlight their experiences, educate the audience, and promote their projects praising all their hard work. Our Podcast Mission Statement is to help creators and aspiring creators connect to their possibilities and teach the old industry how possible the impossible is and how you don't have to wait for permission to create anything. Welcome to the hot indie junction of comics independent  


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