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June 1, 2022



June 1, 2022                                                                                               Michael J. Florio

Le Fay: Volume #1 Graphic Novel

Issue #1


"Le Fay is one of the most breathtaking, and genuine modern fantasy take on Arthurian legend I've ever read. With all the Sir Thomas Malory and none of the class, Le Fay is like a long-lost sister of Marvel's Jessica Jones. She's sassy, flawed, and perfectly okay with it. The story is fun and engaging and filled with really dark and colorful characters amassed to serve a huge overall story arc that ties directly into the biblical stories of the antichrist. I love the combination of spiritual, biblical, and magical suggestions providing fictional logic to the answering of the world’s most renowned, and unanswered questions. Is magic real? Where does it come from? If you love fantasy, then you'll love Le Fay, hands down, it's one of the best indie comics I've read or reviewed in quite some time."

Inevitable Mike, Panels With Mike

(All images are the property of Evoluzione Publishing)

Part 1 of 4

Le Fay Issue #1 Overview

Morgan narrates the life of old, back in Avalon when she was the wicked fairy witch of the land, lover to Merlin, and the ultimate betrayer. In a blind endeavor to clip Merlin and pilfer his power after the battle of Camlann. Heartbroken, Merlin overpowers Morgan with ease and is imprisoned in a sleeping curse after failing to bring himself to end Morgan's life.

Stripped of her fairy wings and her magic, Le Fay slumbered, that was until she was awakened. A powerful coven of witches called The Triple Moon raises the sleeping curse to extort Morgan into their services as the world's oldest Private Investigator. 

Impressions, thoughts, and narrative impact

As most of you know, Morgan Le Fay is a character from Arthurian mythology. In many adaptations, she was the one who blackened the heart of Mordred, an illegitimate son of King Arthur. The character itself even made it into the cast of uncanny European characters at Marvel and has had running storylines that intersect with mainstream characters like Doctor Strange, Agatha, and even the Scarlet Witch.

We might see her pop up around the Black Knight in the future of the MCU titles with The Eternals, but for now, Morgan has never been depicted as such a powerless blind drunk, stuck in the modern age. After being put to sleep by her mentor and lover Merlin, I thought the revival of her consciousness was very creative, unique, and unforeseen. 

It was sexy enough to be genuine to a typical single male and female of either sexual orientation but did a great job exposing her weakness for trouble, responsibility, and her internal desire for power. I strongly feel that this was her emotional reaction to being subjugated to a bunch of nasty witches known as The Triple Moon. These coven of witches are a great placeholder for how she will attain her power back in the future of the series, but when that is is anyone's guess, even Morgans. Thank goodness the writer felt pity upon her because Billy, the seemingly odd-looking Irish goblin, is there to keep her half-dead hopes up.

He isn't the funnies comic relief, but he is definitely reluctant for our Morgan moving forward. 

This issue was a very basic setup. It gave you the inciting action that most comics from any publisher would give and felt very serialized. Each page offered you a stepping stone forward, which is refreshing from the talking heads experience you get from some indy books. I love this Jessica Jones approach to the Morgan Le Fay personality, but it isn't quite as stubborn or brash around the edges as Jones is, even in the comics. It's good that it was distinctive because you never want to just outright copy something. A comic creator would need to stand out to make it, and after five issues of Le Fay, I think Evoluzione has it right.

Now, we just have to ask ourselves if her desire for power will force her to make a decision in the future that affects the world around her or not? What's Billy's role in all this? How dangerous is Spring-Heeled Jack? What about Merlin? Did he last all those years while Morgan spent trapped in eternal rest? What The Triple Moon witches really after if not but to find the murderer of Tilly's niece? 


Let's get down with the Panels

In this portion of the review, I reveal several panels of the comic issue I loved, why I love it, and anything about that panel I want to point out. 

~ This Might Hurt A Little ~

Just look at how Miguel captures the agony in Morgan's face as Merlin neuters her fairy-likeness for her betrayal. This moment is the most significant to Le Fay's story because it portrays a very emotional loss for her. Think of war vets who lose limbs and legs. They suffer from ghost pains, nerve spasms, and other types of mental derailment.

While you don't see a lot of this affect her in the series, you're still left to wonder if it would have been on her mind in the moments you don't get to see. I can relate to the pain of loss, and I empathize with her feelings of a deep desire for power, not just to wield but power over her own life, decisions, and herself.

Most days, it's a daily struggle for me, but you have to find the moment in at all started so you know the raw effect it had on your life, that one might grow from it. This moment I feel is Morgans. 

~ Who's that Goblin? ~

As I said before, Billy is more of the reluctant number two in Morgan's life, and he keeps her center and understands her flaws. Billy is no saint himself, but he befriends a monkey during their investigation, and the things were so cute that you couldn't help feel for the little gobby-gob. "Sorry, Billy."

His impact in the narrative is more of a mirror-type character like Freddy or Dafney in the Scooby-Doo show, where Velma blurbs a clue, and one of the two asks a question that leads them to the next clue. Because the story has some of these serial crime elements, it either creates a character or lets the audience be okay with some very creative but brooding internal dialogue. Not that internal dialogue sequences aren't or can't be entertaining, but they usually lack the entertaining quality.

In comics, you only get a few shots throughout the first ten or so pages to make an impression. Billy definitely helps stick the landing for Morgan. Maybe it's my obsession with the little people population, but he reminds me of the Chiweenie I had growing up. Small and fickle, but he was tough and had a personality the size of Paul White or Andrea the Giant. 


~ Say Hello to my Little Boney Foul Mouth Friend ~

And if my love for the little lucky charms mascot wasn't enough to tickle you into backing the Le Fay Volume #1 collected graphic novel, you'll never find out why the hell he carries around this bag with a skull in it. Morgan and Billy act like they shouldn't because it's dangerous, but apparently, the gist is the supernatural presence dormant inside is the seer from a demonic-like realm that can answer specific questions on issues Morgan and Billy can't find.

I thought this was pretty cool. I thought this was almost reminiscent of that magical bowler from the Extraordinary Gentleman movie from the early 2000's late '90s. Only, the skull isn't Billy's father, and it isn't stuck inside a polymer glass ball. I'd really like to know how they came into the possession of such a foul-mouth reluctant snowglobe like the skull. It's not like Morgan gets a lot of leisure time enslaved to The Triple Moon. I doubt Morgan can afford to give Billy a holiday.

It's just fascinating how useful something becomes when you need to find a lead in a supernatural murder mystery. Thus, the beauty of esoterical genre writing. 

I hope you enjoyed this comic review. Please check out Le Fay Volume One on Kickstarter right now, and support your indie comic creators today.


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