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July 16, 2022

OFFICIAL PANEL'S WITH MIKE COMIC REVIEW: Mrs. Vengeance: The Broken Pavement Preview

OFFICIAL PANEL'S WITH MIKE COMIC REVIEW: Mrs. Vengeance: The Broken Pavement Preview


(All art and images presented in this blog are the sole legal property of Jerry Jones and Limitless Comics.)

First, thank you Jerry for always being such a well rounded guy and a generous person. He's given me permission to give my first impression for you wonderful comic fans. Whether you're a fan of the team at Limitless Comics or a fan of noir black and white story telling Mrs. Vengeance has something for everyone. And I was lucky enough to receive a special preview with a bit of prose origins. I'd like to first state that Mrs. Vengeance is not a knock-off female Moon Knight, although even I have compared her to that point of reference. Jerry marinated the idea and premise for this character long before Werewolf By Night came to be featuring Moon Knight's first appearance in Marvel Comics. But Mrs. Vengeance was conceptualized to capture that noir tone caught between the perception of realism or mysticism. Jerry likes to confuse his fans, but in a way that gives you the ability to imagine infinite possibilities to what this characters true ability is and the potential it holds. 

For those of you who don't know what Jerry has accomplished as a writer well I'll remind you:

A strange visitor from another neighborhood, Gerald J. Jones has worked on Locke and Lode for Mantle Press, Paradigm for Image Comics (2003), Blank Walls from Cashel Studios, and is currently working on the Driver.Eight series and Mrs. Vengeance mini-series from Limitless Comics, as well as procrastinating editing his novel, Rise.


While I haven't read the series yet, it's hit it out of the park with it's fans over at Limitless Comics where Jerry Jones is partner to Anthony Moore

Jerry is still hard at work with his nose to the grind stone to finish the Driver 8 series, but when he looks up him and artist Clovis Batebola were crafting a wonderful tale using ink on white about blood and bullets. The tale of Mrs. Vengeance is going to be a slow ride from the start, but it picks up in a big way. You can tell that Jerry loves to torture his readers senses in the best of ways using great story telling techniques such as suspense and magic principle to distract you with one hand while revealing the pay-off with another. I was so drawn into the preview that in so few pages I thought I had read more. The stories pacing is so flawless that whatever you feel you're not getting you'll force yourself to push through because you know it's going to be good. These are some of the covers for Mrs. Vengeance offered in the Kickstarter campaign on-going right now. 

If you'd like to go check out the campaign click here -- Mrs. Vengeance: The Broken Pavement.

Just in this first page Jerry's words jump off the page. Evil, is it a construct? Does it happen randomly or is it be design willed into existence by the ambitions of others who see little value in human life? I give you some of the best written panel's in comics I've seen thus far, in my life. Not because the art is great or the lettering is placed in such a way the moves my eye, but how evocative it is to the mind, when see what happens to this pour woman as she goes about her day grinding to make her health a priority. 

One of the biggest topics of the century weaved into the narrative beginnings of a character who's need for vengeance was born of empathy turned cold. The world is cruel and full of faces. It's our job to keep our eyes sharp, but can we ever hope to be completely comfortable with in our society that no harm will come to those who play by the rules and live in stride with hope? These thoughts all generated by these three panel's. It's truly a premising statement made by the writer and not just to get us to empathize with this character but to understand that evil still exists and no one is untouchable. The world is cruel and full of faces. 

Dreams, the world that some astudious philosophical minds believe connects us all together, yet here is where Jerry likes to have his fun. Edwin Monroe, a key character you should pay attention to in the story is revealed. He's the voice in the caption to which the lens of the story is told. Jerry reveals this in our latest episode (S3E8: Jerry Jones (Limitless Comics) on the podcast. Did you ever have a dream that you were running and all of a sudden the pack of wolves chasing ran you off a cliff and you feel to your death, but the part where you're supposed to splat you actually just wake up? Well, this is that in a very Keanu Reeves just saw a black cat twice, yes, twice. I love this psychological twang Jerry add's to his stories. It's combining a lot of like elements in an existing genre, but with a dash of double J. 

Now I don't know if Jerry is an introverted comedian and the only thing that makes him funny is when he doesn't have an audience to answer to given just a microphone or a phone in general, but the man has a sense of humor. It's funny because the best part is the humor surprises you. The story starts off all serious and gritty, then gets cringy, then boom the next thing you know you're somewhere in the yank state listening to two low level henchmen cry and complain about which side of a dead body is the heaviest to carry. Even better, you think that someone as kickass looking as Clovis Batebola's interprutation of Mrs. Vengeance is that she would have this stealthy dramatization intro with Black Widow action fight scenes, but nope. She cackles, and it's not only funny, but it's a fun type of cynical that I could read all day. 

I just love the build pace leading up to this moment. You think about the classic dialogue driven superhero intro's with on the nose transitions, but just look at classy meets dark and nasty. It's noir glorious!

This is the last image of the preview, but just in these five pages you get so many different elements. Facet's of information that you know leads to something special and I know I expressed my interest and my doubt about Jerry releasing all three issues in one campaign, but I'm glad he did, because his mastery in suspense plays on my need to binge good story. Like a Netflix show or an Amazon series I couldn't handle waiting for two especially after reading a small glimpse of the prose origin story that honors the classic mafia-like story telling of The Soprano's and Godfather. Being that I'm half Italian and I take great pride in the history my ancestors were apart of, I'm all in baby!

Well, kiddos thanks for dropping by and checking out this exclusive coverage of my first impressions of Mrs. Vengeance: The Broken Pavement. If you liked this review and you have a comic of your own I'd love to cover it. Good or bad we'll find something to talk about, learn, and share with readers and fans just like you. Check out the link below and don't forget to go show our friends at Limitless Comics some love. You're the best PT Nation until the next Tarty Party! From limitless to inevitable and beyond!


S3EP8: Comics & Pop-tarts presents - Jerry Jones (Limitless Comics)


(Jerry makes the magic look easy. Oh snap!)

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