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March 11, 2022

The Rise of Wild Oni

The Rise of Wild Oni


Cover Art by Jod NuariCover by Jod Nuari

Wild Oni, takes a deeper dive into the psychological struggle of restraint from vengeance in the face of great pain and even greater loss. Spoken through the vestige, by one of Japan's most recognized rebels, Morichika. After the famous Shogun Toyotomi Hideyoshi murdered his family he ordered his soldiers to leave Morichika to the wolves to suffer a death equal to his shameful defeat against the Koreans in Japan's failed invasion. Unbeknownst to Toyotomi,  Morichika found life everlasting by making a blood pact with a demon who referred to itself as Wild Oni within the very cave he was left to die in. Can you still have vengeance and tell your soul this is how justice is served? Can honor the fallen with blood and still hope for peace within?

Morichika will show us what becomes of those who abandon their culture in pursuit of dark desires, violent impulses, and uncontrollable emotions.

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