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Dec. 7, 2021

Comics & Pop-tarts Presents J.S. Earls w/Exclusive Content Unedited

Comics & Pop-tarts Presents J.S. Earls w/Exclusive Content Unedited

Hey, Comic'n'Poptart listeners. Thanks for being Limitless!!! Thanks for coming back to the show. Our special guest tonight is J.S. Earls, creator, and podcaster of Pistolfist, with credits for comic, editing, producing, graphic novels, and games for National Geographic. Tonight we explore a few of the methodologies behind what it takes to be a niched content adapter (taking one literary project and turning it into another project of a different medium.) We learn a lot about J.S. Earls previous works and a few stories behind them, and we even vibe on some conspiracy-like topics in cohesion with some of the projects he's penning for the future. We'll discuss Pistolfist, its origins, and the new Kickstarter offerings at the end of this episode. It's a long episode, but it's full of valuable and entertaining conversation. 


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