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Oct. 29, 2021

Comics & Pop-tarts Welcomes Bigfoot knows Dan Price knows Karate!!!

Comics & Pop-tarts Welcomes Bigfoot knows Dan Price knows Karate!!!

Alright, kiddos this one is a little... GROWN-UP for you given the nature of Dan's first comic, but we don't fault him for it. Comics & Pop-tarts loves him for his satire, youth, and unique perspective to storytelling, no matter how long it takes him to get off the couch to make it. Just kidding, Dan. It was a great talk with Mr. Price. Sadly his cohort and otherwise elusive partner, Casey couldn't make it, but his kids know karate, and we all know how that story ends, which is fine because Dan and I had a blast. Big Foot Knows Karate doesn't have long left in Kickstarter, and it's not too late to pick up that deluxe edition for some extra goodies. Dan and I discuss his coming up and into comics, no pun intended, his hiatus, and even his pretty cool day job as a Creative Director for a Graphic Design firm. He isn't made of money, but Dan is full of laughs, believes in community, and is really humble about his fortune with this new book. Sit down, sit back, lean back (if you're driving), and get ready for a good ole tongue slingin about some Bigfoot that knows karate, and uses pirates sabers to fight off an evil Cuthulu-Jitsu?


Go check out Bigfoot Knows Karate Dot.Com because his art gallery rocks, and you can check out 7-pages of Issue #1 for free.


Bigfoot Knows Karate Kickstarter


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Casey - @robotseatguitar


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