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Aug. 8, 2021

Episode 5: A Terrifying Triple Threat Graphic Novel On-DEE-WaY! Focus like you Da-Bomb, and a few words about Indiana Jones?

Episode 5: A Terrifying Triple Threat Graphic Novel On-DEE-WaY! Focus like you Da-Bomb, and a few words about Indiana Jones?

Today we discussed a lot about focus, and as a creator it is important. Obstacles are going to come your way and how you deal with them will define how pave your way to success. You have to remember though not to burn down every bridge along the way or else the only focus you'll see is a goal with no bridges to cross. Stay Limitless!!!


Here is an awesome PODCAST! I highly recommend all creators in comics listen to:

Comic's Experience Podcast

Check their classes and creator services, as well. You can't not know about this awesome jumpstart into the industry.

I'm currently enrolled in the Intro To Comics Writing class, and I couldn't be more pleased with the progress and information I have learned. It's a real door into the world of writing comics so don't miss it. 



Pretty SOON Comics & Pop-tart's will be rebranding under the title of Comics'R'Pop-Tarts (MAYBE) and I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to a fellow Full Sail Alumni and amazing Graphic Artist Chris Michael Lee! If you have a business, podcast, food-truck, menu, brand, or cover this man can do it all. He's very professional, respectable, and very great to work with. Please tell him I sent you and get your design brought to life today!


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Question: "What's the name of the Wizard in the Realmz comics?"

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You have to listen to the podcasts and read the books.

In order to claim the prize, you can not have won in the last 60-days prior to answering.

No cheating or attempts to modify your response.

The phrase or name has to match the likeness of the content in the books that satisfy both myself and Anthony.


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