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Aug. 20, 2021

Episode 7: Thirst Updates, Graphic Novel Slate, & Genuine Character Creation

Episode 7: Thirst Updates, Graphic Novel Slate, & Genuine Character Creation

Today I give you an honest update on where the shipping is at for Thirst. COVID-19 is affection shipping causing low stay in most businesses so please keep that in mind when inquiring about your comic and art. I reveal the order in which Limitless Comics plans to release the Graphic Novels and the Wryine Wong Artbook. Finally, I discuss how to avoid creating disingenuous characters and why it's important to make sure your characters positively impact the reader. Stay Limitless!!! SHARE - LIKE - SUBSCRIBE 



--MARCEL DUPREE owner/writer of Evoluzione Comics

I backed Warbound #2 and have recently backed Armor-1 #4. For all those that backed Warbound #2, you get a free print of Warbound/Armor-1 for free when you back Armor-1 #4 on Kickstarter now. Get Warbound #1 & #2 now on Comixology. While you're checking those two books out stop by Marcel's Facebook page to check out Seeing Red on Indigo now. Marcel will be a future guest on the show, and we're happy to help him promote his work.

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