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Oct. 1, 2021

Limitless Comics Welcomes, B. Lincoln Bransch!!

Limitless Comics Welcomes, B. Lincoln Bransch!!

Hey Limitless Listeners,

Limitless Mike, here to tell you about this week's creator spotlight... B. LINCOLN BRANSCH, as we discuss his upcoming book, one of four in the OUTLIER: WORLD FORGE series. Lincoln has a beautiful perspective on approaching high-concept stories filled with all the elements you love inspired from various forms of histories, religions, and psychological character building. We spent some time talking about his pursuit of becoming an artist in the gold-rush age of comics when Image and Boom were coming together. We have a few talking points covering the re-naming and re-branding of the series title that started with his love for the God of Mischief Loki and ended with Raffe as the main focus of Outlier: World Forge. Lincoln takes a bold step into the fray amidst the chaos of the pandemic and has taken the plunge to see his dreams become a reality. Without further ado, click play to celebrate Lincoln and find how you can support him as an independent comic fan!


Outlier: World Forge is the first of many stories from LUCKLESS HERO PRESENTS (LHP)! Creator B. Lincoln Bransch has continuously worked on a SECRET UNIVERSE filled with fascinating characters, incredible worlds, rich narratives, and ideas, hoping to someday share those tales with fans of fantasy, sci-fi, and comics. Now through crowdfunding, there is an opportunity! Support this book and see for yourself!

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