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July 17, 2021

Limitless Comics welcomes, Daniel Buck!!!

Limitless Comics welcomes, Daniel Buck!!!

Welcome Limitless Fans,

Today I'm joined by Daniel Buck, of Tornado Comics, and creator of Detrimony. So far, Detrimony is two issues into the series with more books planned. Daniel is a really unique creative who spent a majority of his time investing in his innate ability to really craft his vision into a reality. I'm super inspired by his tenacity and fortitude but more impressed with his mental resolve, humble attitude, and genuine interest in comics. He's a dad, a creator, a creative, and an all-around lover of Venom & Knull, which we also talk about today briefly. Thanks for tuning in and listening to this longer than usual recording. Remember, stay LIMITLESS, and NEVER stop creating. 


Here is an awesome PODCAST I follow and highly recommend all creators in comics listen to:

Comic's Experience Podcast

Check their classes and creator services, as well. You can't not know about this awesome jumpstart into the industry.


This is how Daniel Buck started to learn coloring now you can too!

Colors with Curt by Michael K. Russell 


Here are a list of printing publishers!

Kablam Printing

Comix Well Spring

Morris Publishing


CEX Publishing (Highly Recommended)