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Aug. 25, 2021

Limitless Comics Welcomes, Jerry Jones writer & creator of Driver 8

Limitless Comics Welcomes, Jerry Jones writer & creator of Driver 8

Today, I finally get some one-on-one time with Jerry Jones. He does a lot of administrative and graphic design work with Anthony behind the scenes, but he is a creator and writer to his own merit. Jerry hopes one day to write on the epic series The Shadow through BOOM! Studios, but ultimately, like the rest of us, wishes to transition his financial earnings to making comics. We discuss a little about Driver 8 and Miss Vengeance and how he discovered comics growing up. He is a characterizing personality with a great sense of writing. I enjoyed my time with him in this episode and hope you will too. If you'd like to contact Jerry Jones, you can find him at the social media link below. 

Apologies, but I do say the word "penis," actually "blue penis," and a few "shits." Because I reference some personal opinions about Ron Perlman and Arnold Swartzineger, I felt it necessary and responsible to make this episode EXPLICIT. Sorry if you disagree, but please SHARE & LIKE to those you think may not mind listening to the content I just mentioned. 


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