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July 1, 2021

Limitless Comics Welcomes, NANDOR FOX SHAFFER!!!

Limitless Comics Welcomes, NANDOR FOX SHAFFER!!!

Welcome Limitless Comics Fans, Michael J Williams, here, and I'm excited for you all to join with me in celebrating the success of Nandor Fox Shaffer from Foxhole Comics as we discuss his Seasons series. We'll discuss the difficulties of self-motivation as a creator and how to overcome that based on Nandors shared advice. Nandor talks about the inception of Seasons on Indiegogo and how visually focused he was in crafting the story panel-by-panel and page-by-page. If you're tuning in for the first because of Nandor then welcome. I'm so happy to have you, and we hope you stick around, like, and follow us for more independent comic news, and you might hear one of your favorite independent creators on the show!

What is SEASONS?

SEASONS revolves around Fletcher, a misunderstood, average young man who isn’t happy with his life anymore and has run away from almost everything and everyone. The entirety of this series will span over one year of his life, and with each passing season, he'll acquire a new set of supernatural abilities to overcome a combination of varying obstacles and enemies. The one-year journey that will define Fletcher awaits...

Written by Nandor Fox Shaffer with Art by Anthony Gonzales Clark


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Seasons Volume One on Webtoons


Foxhole Comics YouTube Channel


Seasons Volume Two Indegogo Campaign (Ending Soon!)


Man Child #1 Kickstarter campaign (Officially starting August 2nd so sign up now!)

Man Child is a nostalgic exploration hero title set to take you back to the Silver Age of comics. This story revisits the question of the century: Is it cool to be that comic book nerd or the tides of pop-culture embraced "nerdism" to fiefdoms unknown? From the mind that brought you Seasons, Nandor Fox Shaffer pays homage to Marvel's past greats like Stan Lee and (My favorite) Jack Kirby. Big things to come for Man Child!


Visit Seasons Website

Get your latest Seasons news and updates from Nandor himself on his website to learn more about Nandor and Anthony as they continue this incredible story!


Visit Anthony's Website

Here, you'll find information on Seasons, illustrations by Anthony Gonzales Clark, and where to subscribe to get notifications and updates on his latest work!


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