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Oct. 2, 2021

Limitless Comics Welcomes, Travis Webb!!!

Limitless Comics Welcomes, Travis Webb!!!

Hey Limitless Listeners,

Limitless Mike, here to tell you about this week's creator spotlight... Travis Webb, as we crack open the mind's eye of knowledge to reveal some pretty amazing stories about Travis's background in Hollywood and his adventure from comic book shop part-timer to a co-creating STARLITE. We discuss some of the amazing behind-the-scenes information surrounding Alita: Battle-Angel and James Cameron. We dive into the obscene egotistical barricades that plague the industry to date and have kept executive silhouettes behind the stage richer than the creators who make their penthouses on Hollywood Boulevard dreams come true. This episode doesn't disappoint, though, because we are left with some pretty awesome information for you, the readers, to walk away with, enriching your streams of flowing curiosity and inflating your creative potential. It was a fantastic conversation, and you'd be crazy to skip this episode.

OverCast Comics Presents STARLITE, on Kickstarter now, AND NOW FULLY FUNDED, but that doesn't mean we need to stop. Travis, Greg, Brett, Tom, and David have more to offer you guys with amazing stretch goals, tier's that transport you into the book, and getting to read your name in a list of others who helped make Issue #4 possible.


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