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Jan. 10, 2022

S2:E1 - Limitless Mike's New Years Kick-off Show (Spiderman: No Way Home Review)

S2:E1 - Limitless Mike's New Years Kick-off Show (Spiderman: No Way Home Review)

Hey folk, kids of all ages, especially you "Ki-dults" a term I created that channel's your inner child to give them everything your parents wouldn't as a kid. Thanks for listening to the show for another exciting year. Tonight's episode features just me thanking all of you and talking about the plans for the podcast this year. I end the show with a less than perfect review of Spiderman No Way Home, but I don't spoil much so you'll still have to go see the movie or wait for the Marvel God's to drop it on Disney+ sometimes this year like Eternal's which comes to the platform on January 12--


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