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Jan. 15, 2022

S2E2: C&P Welcomes Robert Rhine & The Maniacal Smile

S2E2: C&P Welcomes Robert Rhine & The Maniacal Smile

Welcome back Tartcasters!!! You know you like this pop-tart magic that happens among comic creators and that's why tonight we attempt to tap into Anchors new multied guest function, but to no avail, it only produced a digitial battle royal in which Rober Rhine was the victor of so I apologize for the audio mishaps in this show, but it's entertaining none the less. Tonight we discuss a gastro glorified character from the early 90's making his splash in a brand new Kickstarter. He's the smilely with a kickass robotic suit The Maniacal Smile. Ben Filiapiack and Pat Batton of Fierce Comics make appearances to tell us a little about The Maniacal Smile and Fierce Comics. 


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