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April 23, 2022

S2E21: Comics & Pop-tarts presents - Anthony Stokes

S2E21: Comics & Pop-tarts presents - Anthony Stokes

Tonight I sit down with Anthony Stokes a former screenwriter turned comics author. We talk briefly about his new series Decay a powerful sibling adventure that sees a tragedy turned to unnatural disparity. More importantly we talk shop about the Comic Con Rival, and the politics and marketing obstacles creators face preparing for one and during one, including how to think about your books inventory in a way that sales them. 

[Sorry everyone for any whining or crying you hear toward the end of this episode. I'll be doing a back scrub on this in a few weeks.]

Decay on Kicstarter Pre-launch


Check out Shadow's Daughter the extended version on IndieGoGO. Coming Soon to Markosia

Our next guest: Michael Tanner creator of Battle Grapple: Rebel

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Think Inked when you think about how to market your creative product

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