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April 30, 2022

S2E22: Comics & Pop-tarts presents - Michael Tanner & Don Nguyen

S2E22: Comics & Pop-tarts presents - Michael Tanner & Don Nguyen

Tonight I sit down with Michael Tanner, creator of Junior Braves of the Apocalypses & Orcs in Space, among other works & Don Nguyen, a veteran artist known for many things, but Pablo the Gorilla comes to mind & he's done a lot of Marvel's Trading Cards. The subject of discussion is the ongoing Kickstarter campaign success of Michael's new comic mini-series Battle Grapple: Rebel, a pro-wrestling space epic that follows the character of Spin, who struggles in all facets of his life, working hard to rise above the sweaty gym ring he performs to wrestle amongst legends in the largest promotion in the galaxy. We have an ass-kicking good time chopping it up about the good ole days of pro wrestling and how genuine the pages of Battle Grapple emulated the real-life dangers and athleticism of wrestling itself. So don't be a jabroni and listen to this awesome episode!

Battle Grapple: Rebel


Check out Shadow's Daughter the extended version on IndieGoGO. Coming Soon to Markosia

Our next guest: Sam Rocco Writer/Director/Film Maker

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