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May 21, 2022

S2E26: Comics & Pop-tarts presents - Mark Bernal (Lesser Known Comics)

S2E26: Comics & Pop-tarts presents - Mark Bernal (Lesser Known Comics)

I celebrate a newly met creator Mark Bernal behind Lesser Known Comics tonight. We discuss key business decisions behind LKC's "No Amazon" clause, favoring their local comic shops over digital e-commerce marketing. FASCINATING! Mark humbles us with his views and outlooks on what it is to be an independent comic creator and how the industry is shaping for the future, as far as what's been available to allow indie creators to compete with large publisher-based comic labels. We also discuss their new FULLY FUNDED Batch #4 comics campaign featuring several stories titled: Tank McGreggor, Deathwish, and Goodnight. To check out the campaign, click here.

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Check out this hangout video from Artist Twitch Streamer @niconicomuda I was on tonight with Reynaldo Garza! The Sonic in the Batmobile with tails flying off the back at the end (MY IDEA). So much fun!

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