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Feb. 1, 2022

S2E5: Edgar Pasten Creator of those Monstrous Ameri-Kaiju

S2E5: Edgar Pasten Creator of those Monstrous Ameri-Kaiju

Tonight's show features a fellow Team Inked member, Edgar Pasten. In 2021 he released Ameri-Kaiju Issues 1-3, and it was an instant hit. Taggarik, the book's antagonist, was a physical toy offering in the Kickstarter campaign, AND IT WAS ON FIRE! For the first time on "C&P", Edgar is back to give us those tasty pastry fillings on Ameri-Kaiju Issues 4-6. Don't miss your chance to jump in on the new Taggarik figure and a set of three other mini-figs with lots of covers, crazy cool monsters, and a great story tailored so well even a five-year-old can read it. 


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