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Feb. 17, 2022

S2E8: Labor Rants, VR Technology, & Sword Art Online Review

S2E8: Labor Rants, VR Technology, & Sword Art Online Review

Hello, from the Pop-tart Home Office, run by ME, your host Limitless Mike. Welcome back to the show; thank you for returning. Thank you for being loyal listeners. I'm thankful for being able to appreciate all of my listeners from all SEVEN COUNTRIES that are tuning in. Today's show begins with a bit of a rant because of shifting circumstances that have affected me at work. I tie my politically bitter opinion of the countries labor issues back into comics because of recent supply chain shortages. Our most important topic is my review and critical overview of Sword Art Online, more specifically, about how much I love the newly released SAO Alitization: War of the Underworld. I also make references to Ready Player One and Ready Player Two as it applies to my opinions and remarks on the evocative topic of Virtual Reality and how technology will affect our reality thanks to more conscious understandings of our own grand design. 


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