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May 29, 2022

S2EP28: Comics & Pop-tarts Presents: Tony Kittrell (Advent Comics)

S2EP28: Comics & Pop-tarts Presents: Tony Kittrell (Advent Comics)

Tonight I sit down with Tony Kittrell, owner of Advent Comics, about his comic Titan Issue #4. We talk about his incredible journey from youth to becoming a firefighter after making the choice to change his life. This lead to him fulfilling his joy and happiness in the world by helping people, but it doesn't stop there. Tony made the choice to pull the trigger on comics, and for the last coming up on 15 years Advent Comics has been producing, publishing, and distributing it's own comics that are available in more than 64 countries around the world, and still going. If you're a new creator we have some words of wisdom for you and much, much more. 

I am a Comic Book Creator/Writer and the Owner/EIC of Advent Comics. I have over ten years of professional experience, creating over 20 titles including TITAN THE ULTRA MAN, COSMOS, THE REGULATORS, STREETZ and DARK MATTER: RISE OF THE LEXICONS. I also created the Creator-Owned UNBOUND REALMS Imprint Line. When Tony am not creating comic books, I am helping others as a Career Firefighter/Medic for over 20 years.

Titan: The Ultra Man #4 on Kickstarter now. Go support Tony!

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