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June 4, 2022

S2EP29: Comics & Pop-tarts Presents: Justin Gray (Spicy Pulp Comics)

S2EP29: Comics & Pop-tarts Presents: Justin Gray (Spicy Pulp Comics)

Tonight we sit down to celebrate the career of a heavy-hitting writer and media entertainment creator making strides in the self-publishing world of comics, Justin Gray. Coming off the success of Spicy Pulp #5, Justin gives us the D-Lo Brown Lo-Down on his new 60-page creature feature, Bleeding Pulp 2. We discuss the relationship between writer and artist, collaborative styles, methods of comic scripting, the decision to be sensible in your writing, and how Bleeding Pulp 2 is the exception to the in-house publishing rule. 

Thanks again, listeners & true believers for coming back each week! You made this possible. 

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