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July 2, 2022

S3EP4: Comics & Pop-tarts presents - Michael Nunneley (Omen Comics)

S3EP4: Comics & Pop-tarts presents - Michael Nunneley (Omen Comics)

Tonight I sit with the talented and humble creator, writer, and CEO of Omen Comics to discuss Dragon Girl and Albino Warrior #1. The book is an East meets West story inspired by Michael's experience training in Shaolin Kung-Fu which bore spiritual meaning that also contributed to this story. Please consider supporting Omen Comics by following the link to the pre-register page. Get NOTIFIED when Dragon Girl and Albino Warrior #1 in the links below and check out some of his books on their e-store. THEY'RE GREAT!

Pre-launch Page

Dragon Girl & Albino Warrior #1

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