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July 7, 2022

S3EP5: Comics & Pop-tarts presents - John Herey (Beyond Time Comics)

S3EP5: Comics & Pop-tarts presents - John Herey (Beyond Time Comics)

Tonight I sit down with a very talented Editor & Writer, John Hervey the creator of Magna: The Last Pantheon & The Posse (Click to go support these titles on Indegogo). We're talking story crafting, characterization, comics, publishing, and most importantly what's going down in Beyond Times part of the comic town. Get ready for an enigmatic conversation. Get ready to learn and hear... about comics! 

No Pop-tarts were harmed in the recording of this podcast episode...

John Hervey (John from Beyond)

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The Two Scene movies... 

Good Luck to you Leo Grande

Our next guest: Adam Lawson (The Exiled)

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