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July 9, 2022

S3EP6: Comics & Pop-tarts presents - Adam Lawson (THE EXILED)

S3EP6: Comics & Pop-tarts presents - Adam Lawson (THE EXILED)

Get ready for the next big story from the minds of Wesley Snipes and Adam Lawson, with the execution of an amazing creative team to present that story in 140+ pages of comic noir heaven. As someone who can say they're proud to have been a part of this journey, nothing makes me happier than to bring you fabulous listeners how this dream became a reality! Welcome to the tarty party PT Nation, and Detective Niles "Roach" Washington to the family! With surprise guests Gabriel Santos and little baby Oliver!

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Adam Lawson

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THE EXILED on Kickstarter RIGHT NOW! Click the link below:

The Exiled -- a story from the mind of Wesley Snipes & Adam Lawson!

Our next guests: Wyndi Gayle & Chuck Pineau 

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