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July 13, 2022

S3EP7: Comics & Pop-tarts presents - Wyndi Gayle & Chuck Pineau (Bonfire Press)

S3EP7: Comics & Pop-tarts presents - Wyndi Gayle & Chuck Pineau (Bonfire Press)

Tonight I'm joined by some of the independent comics industry's TOP free-spirited fellow Editors Wyndi Gayle & Chuck Pineau. How they live with one another pages can only tell, but tonight they're going to be talking about the tarty party happening in the pages of Wyndi's new book the Viscarian Tales #1, a loving and endearing project that they have both spent 20 years building. What a treat for us, kiddos! Let's go!!!

Wyndi Gayle

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Viscarian Tales: Marauders' Masquerade #1 (of 3)

Our next guest: Jerry Jones (Mrs. Vengeance)

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