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Oct. 6, 2021

Welcome The First Lady of C&P Podcast, Jackie White!!!

Welcome The First Lady of C&P Podcast, Jackie White!!!

Hey Limitless Listeners,

Limitless Mike, here to tell you about this week's creator spotlight... The First Lady, Jackie White, she's talented, ambitious, hardworking, spirited, and talented as all get out. We talk about everything but throwing out the kitchen sink. From her career as a surgical tech to inventing a safe and easy to use product, from the family orator to a published novelist, twice, and from dreamer to an actor, director, and screenwriter; Jackie White tells you how action can be the most powerful tool in your creator's belt if you put in the time, work, and patience. So, join me for a heartfelt conversation with one of the future's brightest and shining star preparing to land. 


"The First Lady" Jackie White (@jackie1white)

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